Educational Outreach


Laundry Ball Tabling

April 2023

The Educational Outreach subteam hosted a laundry ball event, where we gave out 200 free laundry balls to students and staff on campus. Laundry balls help your clothes dry faster, and can be reused for over 1,000 loads, decreasing laundry dryer energy usage and emissions. The event was a great success, and we’re happy to be improving sustainable practices in the laundry room, one laundry ball at a time.

Sustainable Room Certification

? - Present

The Sustainable Room Certification program recognizes and rewards students, living on- and off-campus, who are striving to live more sustainably. Our group is currently working on launching an engagement program within residential dorms that ranks students’ living habits based on their sustainability efforts. To successfully launch this program, we are tailoring a survey that aims to accurately capture students’ daily habits and preferences while keeping in mind how we could further motivate and promote sustainable lifestyles.

Annual Pumpkin Composting

? - Present

The annual pumpkin composting event is held on North and West campus where we collect pumpkins from Fall and Halloween festivities.